ULV & Pulverizer

2 Machines, Detachable Chassis

ULV and Pulverizer can be used as a single chassis with a single attachment that can be simply attached.

When 2 machines are connected, all double cabins can fit on pickups.

Dimension: 95 cm x 140 cm x 120 cm (WxLxH)

Usage Areas

ULV machine with Mikrona Sprayer has been designed as an ergonomic, high quality, easy to use and long-lasting machine, knowing the needs of the industry. Thanks to its double engine, it saves fuel.

ULV; It is used in residential areas, forest and resting areas, agricultural areas, warehouses and closed areas, greenhouses, in forest areas and recreational facilities barns and against all flying, walking and resting insects.

Pulverizer; It is used in green areas, stagnant waters, closed areas, agricultural areas, forest areas, barns and manures, for adult and larva control of all pests.


• Powerful quiet economical Briggs Vanguart engine.
• High efficiency maintenance free blower.
• Ergonomic design that can be easily mounted on the vehicle.
• Tank made of stainless steel.
• Uninterrupted flow with gear pump
• 0-1000 ml/min adjustable flowmeter.
• 360 degree horizontal and vertical adjustable nozzle

• Ease of use at night with the LED lighted control panel.
• Hose and steel fittings made of Teflon material
with long-lasting use.
• Always available spare parts and inexpensive maintenance
repair possibility.
• Channel spraying system.
• Single, double and quadruple nozzle types upon request.
• Wired and wireless control option



1.The engine has a battery charging system and the first start is made with the starter motor.

2.Stainless fasteners are used in device connections.

3.The electrical system of the device has a system that is resistant to external environmental conditions.

4.All parts of the device that come into contact with the pesticides are made of corrosion-resistant materials.

5.There is an indelible label on the visible face of our devices showing the features of the relevant device.

6.The ULV has a design that can be mounted with the Sprayer.

7.The droplet diameter and distribution of the device are in the standards determined by the World Health Organization (WHO) and in the documents obtained from the authorized institutions (TAMTEST) and organizations (relevant units of the universities or the Ministry of Agriculture).


1.It has a four-stroke, twin-cylinder, gasoline-powered engine.

2.The engine has 18 HP power.

3.The starter motor is charged and air cooled.

4.The engine gets its first start from the starter and is powered by a 12 V battery with a power of at least 60 amps.

Fuel and Solution Tanks;

1.Solution tanks are made of polyethylene material.

2.The capacity of the pesticide tank is 100 liters and this feature has been documented by an accredited laboratory.

3.It has a float clock system to measure the liquid volume.

4.Solution Tanks have drain valves at the bottom for cleaning.

5.The fuel tank has a capacity of 35 liters and is made of polyethylene material.

Spray Head;

1.The spray head is made of corrosion-resistant aluminum and has two or four spray heads.

2.The nozzles can be manually moved left and right and up and down.

3.The spray nozzles produce an average of 20-25 µm droplet diameter and are certified by Tamtest for the calibration of pesticides authorized by the relevant ministry.

4.Withstands high pressures

Blower (Compressed Air Bellows);

1.The blower system is positive displacement rotary type.

2.The blower working pressure produces a minimum of 6 m3 of air at a minimum of 1750 (± 50) rpm and the minimum pressure is 4-5 PSI.

3.The blower system provides its movement from the gasoline engine with double pulleys and “V” type double belts.

4.There is an oily manometer on the blower that shows the pressure.

Pesticide Flow System;

1.Pesticides and washing flow is provided by a 12 V direct current gear pump system.

2.Flow rate can be adjusted between 0-1000 ml/min.

3.It has leak-proof gaskets made of chemical resistant viton material.

4.It is resistant to long working hours.


1.The L.V system has a wire filter resistant to pesticides and chemicals that can be cleaned when necessary.

2.The filter removes particles up to 100 µm in diameter.

Control System;

1.All functions of the device are controlled by the remote control.

2.The remote is wired; There is also a wireless option.

3.At least 5 meters it has a long cable.

4.There is an on-off button on the remote, as well as a ULV start button and a device wash button.

5.There is at least 1 lighting and overhead lamp behind the nozzle that will show the spray amount of the device.

6.In order to understand the engine operation, the lubrication warning light is located on the control.

Weight and Size;

1.The empty weight of the device is 220 Kg.

2.The chassis can be installed on all double cab pickup trucks, regardless of brand.

3.The width of the ULV is 700 mm, the length is 950 mm, and the height is 1500 mm; These measurements are certified by official institutions.

4.The chassis is 3 mm thick.



1.The materials used in the sprayer machine are resistant to pesticides and other chemicals.

2.It has a gasoline powered and 5 HP rope driven engine.

3.The engine runs continuously for 8 hours.

4.The sprayer can be mounted together with the ULV device.

5.It can be installed on all double cabin vehicles.

6.There are vibration wedges that prevent vibration.

7.Stainless steel is used in all connection equipment.

Solution Tank and Filter:

1.The sprayer tank has a capacity of 200 liters.

2.The tank has a function that can circulate the liquid in it.

3.The sprayer is connected to the sprayer tank; It mixes the solution with hydraulic pressure.

4.It has a float clock system to measure the liquid volume.

5.Sprayer tank filling cap is 22 cm in diameter; It has a locking mechanism

6.It has a wire filter that is resistant to all kinds of chemicals and can be easily removed and installed.

Pump and Regulator:

1.34 lt per minute with high pressure. It has a pesticide pumping system.

2.It has a membrane diaphragm system.

3.It has a maximum rotation speed of 550 revolutions and a pressure generation capacity of 40 bar.

4.It provides pressure up to 0-40 bar during spraying.

5.The regulator has a pressure compensating latch.

6.The regulator is drug and corrosion resistant.

7.The sprayer pump has a reducer activated by a gasoline engine.

Hose and Reel System:

1.It has a 50 meter long pesticide and chemical resistant sprayer hose with 90 bar burst pressure.

2.There is a reel system on which the hose can be wound.

3.There is a handle for measuring and adjusting the pulley system.

4.The system is located on the front of the device.

Spray gun:

1.The spray gun is a trigger model.

2.It has spraying and spraying properties.

3.It is made of high resistance plastic, anti corrosion aluminum, stainless steel and viton materials.

Weight and Dimensions:

1.The empty weight of the device is 120 Kg.

2.It measures 70 cm in length, 95 cm in width, and 100 cm in height.

3.The chassis is 3 mm thick.


1.It complies with the Regulation on Plant Protection Tools and Machines No. 27893 published in the Official Gazette dated 04.2011.

2.The device has the TAMTEST report prepared by the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock.

3.The manufacturer has a CE certificate for the machine.

4.It has a two-year manufacturer’s warranty.


1.The chassis of the ULV and the sprayer can be combined with a single apparatus.

2.When desired, the chassis of the machines can be separated and operated separately.

3.The dimensions formed when the machines are combined are 140 cm in length, 95 cm in width and 150 cm in height.

4.When the machines are combined, its empty weight is 350 kg.